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Our Services

Medical Assistance

a) Quick response to your queries
b) Coordinating past and present medical records transfer and diagnosis
c) Coordinating introductions and conference calls between surgeons, medical team
and patients.
d) Assigning the hospital based on preference and budget.
e) Scheduling the date of procedure with the hospital

Detailed Itinerary and Travel Assistance
a) Booking flights
b) Visa Assitance/Medical Visa
c) Hotel reservations
d) Registration with FRRO
e) Assistance with foreign exchange
f) Private transportation
g) Special Meal requirements if any

a) Airport pick and drop
b) Language interpreter
c) Meeting with the doctors for consultation
d) Assistance with the best medication

a) Follow up assistance for future appointment scheduling and medical follow up
b) Special Medical Services such as Physiotherapy, Care givers
c) Arrangement for local sightseeing or recuperative tours
d) Wellness programs such as Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic Messages, Spas,

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